Forever Shine Dermal Regenerative Face Mask – 5pcs


Forever Shine Dermal Regenerative Face Mask – 5pcs


Stimulate hibernating skin cell to actively replenish & reduce the sensitivity of dried & damaged skin. Awakens & accelerates the recovery of our dermis from daily exhaustion that causes dullness & imbalance to the skin complexion. Accurately provides aging skin cell with precise nutrients to replenish flourishing factors which improves our skin immunity whilst activating regeneration to improve our skin texture, elevate our facial contour & restore skin collagenic binding for improved elasticity.


improve Skin sensitive & restore elasticity of the skin
Enhance skin defense and accelerate cell repair process
Effectively regulate sebum secretion, improve skin texture, and tighten pores
Improve contour and firm skin
Anti-oxidation, reduce melanin precipitation
Especially suitable for sensitive skin


After cleansing
Apply the mask onto face and ensure that is fully stretched.
Remove the mask after 15 to 20mins
Gently massage the residing serum until fully absorb







Centella Asiatic

Chamomilla Recutita

Gingko Biloba

Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate


Sodium Hyaluronate


Capryloyl Glycine


Highly effective moisturizing mask

Highly effective moisturizing mask Improve sensitive skin and regulate skin texture

In bacteria to regulate the underlying skin:

A high concentration of moisturizing ingredients to introduce moisture into the inner layer of the skin, leaving the skin resilient.

Improves sensitive skin, enhances skin defense & accelerates cell repair

Effectively regulates sebum secretion, improves skin texture, and tightens pores

Improve contours and firm skin Antioxidant, reduce melanin precipitation


High concentration moisturizing ingredients:

Centella asiatica, chamomile, hyaluronic acid

Conditioning skin ingredients:

Ginkgo biloba



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