Ageless Rejuvenation Face Serum


Dermier Ageless Dermal Rejuvenative Serum, 50ml

Dual texture transformation, non-sticky cooling sensation Especially recommended for enlarged pores/sensitive skin for enlarged pores.

The Ageless Rejuvenative Serum cream penetrates deep into the bottom layer of pores to leave skin delicate, smooth, firm and revitalized An effective “repair, activate cells, and regenerate skin”, it smooths wrinkles, minimize melanin, repairs damaged tissue, promotes cell regeneration Activates the self-generating ability of collagen, it firm, smooth, moisturizing and lustrous complexion, as well as comprehensively enhances cell vitality It also enhance water storage and resistance, while improving skin’s early-aging problems, keeping cells full of vitality, instantly penetrate the dermis layer, improve the state of cells in many ways, so that you have reverse growth of younger skin

Main effect :

  • Fine & smooth pores
  • Hydration
  • Activates collagen
  • Firm and smooth complexion
  • Reduce  pigment
  • Repair cells


Aqua, Age Inverse™ Factor,  Collagen Spring™, Aqua Infinite™, Glycerine, Carbomer, Aloe Vera Leaf Powder, Hyaluronic Acid, Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil, Rosehip Oil, Perses Gratissima Oil, Marine Collagen, Argan Oil, Camellia Sinensis Leaf, Passiflora Incarnate seed oil, Arnica Montana Flower Extract, Pyrus Malus Fruit Extract, Cucumis Melo Fruit Extract, Gotu Kola Extract, Oenothera Biennis Oil, Vaccinium Angustifolium Fruit Extract, Prunus Domestica Seed Oil, a-Tocopherol



After cleansing

Apply appropriate amount

Gently massage onto face till fully absorbed

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Age is an irreversible stream, but what if we can accurately capture & minimize the inevitable symptoms of aging?

At Dermier Laboratory London, our skin scientists have been working relentlessly to single out & developed the absolute remedy to formulate the basis of our most advanced anti-aging solution; the incredible Dermier Ageless Dermal Rejuvenative Serum (ADR Serum)

The advancement of the ADR Serum rides on the development of 3 all new anti-aging elements, promoting our skin’s natural healing factors & catalyzing our skin’s defense mechanism to neutralize free radicals.

Dermier’s most advanced anti-aging rejuvenation discovery, the Age Inverse Factor (A.I) is an element tailored with the intent to intervene & eradicate the substances that causes visible aging appearances. The A.I factor is capable of capturing, isolating & dissolving harmful free radicals to protect our skin from prematurely aging. The result is up to 50 times more distinctly recognition then previous agents.

The A.I factor also comprises of active remedial agents that helps our skin to recover from natural damages, such as exposure to UV & the gradual weakening of our dermal structure via continuous gravitational pull.  Furthermore, the factor contains multiple rejuvenating agents that helps our skin to regenerate & strengthen loose collagen bonds while targeting our skin to help maintain a more youthful appearance.

As the formula’s source of collagen, the Collagen Spring™ elevating factor is design to boost the reforming of collagen bonds in our skin. The effectiveness of the elevating factor is second to none, with the proportion of collagen particles in treated areas increasing by up to a hundred percent

The advance Aqua Infinite™ factor forms a natural bond with our skin, maintaining an infinite flow of moisturizing particles, surplusing our skin with hydrating factors up to 10,000 times more than regular protection over our skin, suppressing & minimizing the lost of hydrating, keeping our skin in optimal conditions throughout the day.

Together with other fruitful sources embedded in the formula,, the all-new member of the Dermier Divine Care Series is exactly what you need for enhancing your daily skin care routine.


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