C60 SOS Diamond White Face Mask




A box of 6pcs

Today Dermier Laboratory London reveals an additional member to its premium Divine Care Series, the C60 SOS Diamond White Face Mask.

The next generation face mask retains customary habitual high performing skin revival and hydrating factors, whilst incorporating the Nobel Prize winning super anti-oxidant, Fullerene C60. Fullerene is a seamlessly symmetrical substance consisting of 60 perfectly position graphene particles. It is considered to be the “Queen’s Crown Jewels” in terms of its perfection and its remarkable anti-oxidant ability. The ingredient is capable of tracking, absorbing and neutralizing free radicals up to 250 times more effectively then Vitamin C. Furthermore, due to its exceedingly stable molecular structure, Fullerene can maintain effectiveness for a prolong period of time, allowing it to guard and protect your skin throughout the day. Discover the power of Fullerene and our C60 SOS Diamond White Face Mask, join us and commence on the journey for youthful and vibrant looking skin.


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