Dermier Ageless Dermal Rejuvenative Eye Cream


Dermier Ageless Dermal Rejuvenative Eye Cream, 15ml

Main ingredients:

Arnica Extract  – Arnica is a natural and precious ingredient,  it helps promote blood circulation, relieve inflammation, improve dull skin, and is especially effective for improving dark circles.

Shea butter  – Shea butter promotes regeneration, has anti-oxidation, anti-aging effects, can make the skin smooth and delicate, and can avoid dry skin damaged by sunlight, and is called <women’s gold>

Main effect :

– Helps repair the delicate and damaged skin around the eyes and injects the driving force

– Reduce dark circles, dark bags under the eyes

– Soothes dry and fine lines around the eyes

– Multiple anti-pollution defense technologies to resist free radical damage

– Promote blood circulation

– Fights aging and counteracts the signs of aging

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Dermier Ageless Dermal Rejuvenative  Eye Cream’s –  a new patented anti-aging element developed in-house by Dermier. These elements promote the production of our skin’s natural healing factors and catalyze our skin’s defense mechanisms to neutralize and inhibit the creation of free radicals.

Age InverseTM Factor (A.I) The Dermier A.I factor is a special element that directly intervenes and eliminates the ageing of our skin. It effectively isolates and dilutes free radicals and other harmful oxides, thereby greatly enhancing the skin’s antioxidant capacity and preventing premature signs of aging. It goes directly to the collagen chain under the muscle, and deeply injects nutrients to rebuild the toughness of the collagen chain and tighten the skin.


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