Dermier CP52 Intensive BIO Reborn Lifting Face Serum


Dermier CP52 Intensive BIO Reborn Lifting Face Serum, 50ml


Tighten loose skin and reverse aging skin

Repairs and protects the skin barrier up to 200% of both natural defenses

Improve skin firmness, elasticity and transparency, 50 times higher than traditional serums

Reduces fine lines and wrinkle depth Improves aging skin structure

Promotes wound healing and protects skin cells from UV radiation

Reduces inflammation & free radical damage Increases both collagen granules by up to 100%

Improve skin moisture up to 10,000 times

P52 Intensive BIO Reborn Lifting Face Serum, is ideally for after skin treatment or Resting peel treatment.

The effect is more obvious when used with beauty equipment or Resting peel Treatment & microneedle treatment.

Suitable for sensitive and inflamed skin

Anti-inflammatory/Anti-inflammatory/Redness reduction/Healing wound/Moisturizing/Repairing/Firming

main ingredient :

– CP52 TM promotes wound healing and maintains skin wound repair ability

– Protease uniquely whitens and rejuvenates the skin and promotes blood circulation

– Wrinkle carrageenan protects the skin from free radicals and prevents the early appearance of wrinkles – Sclerotinia gel repairs damaged cells and improves inflamed skin

– Honey extract can achieve moisturizing and nourishing effect to prevent dry skin and make skin delicate, smooth and elastic

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The condition of the skin deteriorates with age,  this process is unavoidable.

Dermier Laboratory London develops a brand new CP52 Intensive Reborn Lifting Serum CP52™  improve blood circulation and strengthen skin deltoid lines collagen Loss with Age, CP52™  turns On The Clock Boosts Aging Cells And Accelerates Collagen Production

Glycosaminoglycan synthesis (GAGs) is a natural process that regulates cell regeneration and maintains cell adhesion as one of the most advanced anti-aging factors, CP52™ triggers cell regeneration in the dermis and restores skin elasticity to the skin In addition, there are incredible anti-inflammatory ingredients, which can open and increase cell channels, improve absorption efficiency, calm the skin, and reduce the appearance of redness and swelling.

In addition, CP52™ , Aqua Infinite™ , Dermier Aqua Guard™  factors and Dermier Aqua Guard™ factor binds to skin and keeps moisturizing particles which infinitely flowing up to 10,000 times Aqua Guard™ to prevent and slow down the moisture loss of skin & retain 30 times of moisturizing particles.


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