Elastin Active Glow Mask


Dermier Elastic Protein  Mask, a box of 6pcs

The latest elastin mask formula contains our 3 unique patented ingredients and massive thousands of times moisturizing factors.

Can be aimed to repair the elasticity of the cortex, glowing, Brightling and smooth skin.

The new elastin mask contains Dermier’s unique Perfect White MX translucent whitening formula, can purify skin melanin effectively & let skin be like an electrified light bulb💡

Instant whitening and translucent up to 10 times, the formula also contains the patented Infinity Shine factor for dull skin

Can effectively reduce the accumulation of pigment, prevent skin yellowing due to lack of water, make skin achieve unprecedented light transmission brightening state.

In addition, the Collagen Spring elasticity factor in the product can assist the subcutaneous collagen layer to fill the gap.

Help rebuild skin elasticity and quickly increase collagen up to 💯% perfect display like a newborn baby Moisturizing elastin collagen

Three unique patented ingredients‼‼

1. Perfect White MX Ultimate Whitening

2. Infinity Shine is fully brightened

3.Collagen Spring rebound

Inject collagen factor for sagging skin

Fill collagen gapsImprove collagen ratio up to 100%

Comprehensively repel skin yellowish, remove the tiredness of aging

Purify skin melanin and restore brightening up to 10 times

Lighten the accumulation of skin pigment and prevent the imbalance of skin tone

Inject the clean light factor to make the skin look brighter

Sniper oxidizing factor to reduce skin damage

Inject massive amounts of 1000 times the amount of moisture for ultimate hydration

Three unique patented ingredients
1. Perfect White MX
2. Infinity Shine fully brightened
3. Collagen Spring rebounds in elasticity

Inject collagen factor to target the state of sagging skin

Fill the gap of collagen and increase the collagen ratio up to 100%

Completely repel yellowish  of the skin and remove tiredness after aging

Purify skin melanin, restore brightening and translucency up to 10 times

Lighten the accumulation of skin pigment and prevent the imbalance of skin tone

Infused with light-cleaning factor to make the skin look brighter

Sniper oxidation factor, reduce skin damage

Inject 1,000 times the amount of water, the ultimate hydration



Dermier Divine Care Series Elastin Mask

Main ingredients:
Aqua, Perfect White MX™️, Infinity Shine™️, Collagen Spring™️, Nicotinamide, Sodium Hyaluronate, Hydrolyzed Milk Particles, Hydroxyethylcellulose

✅Sodium Hyaluronate
The natural substances produced naturally by the human body have the functions of maintaining cell structure, retaining water, and repairing tissues.

✅Centella asiatica
Suitable for any skin condition Promote skin blood circulation🔄 Moisturizing Maintain skin moisture Promote skin collagen production

✅German Chamomile Flower🌻 Extract
It has the function of treating a variety of skin problems, especially sensitive skin 😽 redness or dryness

Facing sagging, yellowing, dullness and other skin aging issues

We all want to restore whiteness like protein Flawless elasticity Collagen skin

And our Dermier scientific research team developed the latest member of the Divine Care Series for this purpose.


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