Stem Cell Repair Emulsion

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Stem Cell Repair Emulsion, 50ml 


The fundamental concept involved with aging is our body’s inability to maintain healthy cell repair against the rate of which they deteriorate. When the self renewing ability of stem cells is introduced to the skin, it intervenes with the rate of deterioration and actively revives our damaged tissue. The Stem Cell Repair Emulsion is also an incredible hydrator; the advance Dermier Hydro Lock feature ensures that the benefit of the extra moisturization is securely held within our skin for optimal effect.



1. Cleanse the relevant area.
2. Ensure that the skin is dry with no excess water.
3. Apply the cream using your finger tips.
4. Gently spread the cream using your palm.
5. Move your palm in gentle circular motion until there is no excess


Main Ingredients:

Apple Stem Cell,

Sodium Hyaluronate,



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